Public Relations, Public Information Campaigns and Crisis Communications are all offerings within the scope of VM Public Relations (VMPR), the dedicated PR division of Vicarious Productions. These types of communication services require a high level of expertise. Due to ongoing advances in communications technology, how and where they need to be conveyed, continues to evolve and grow. VMPR initiates, engages, strengthens and fortifies relationships with the greater public and/or target audiences for our clients when these efforts are direly needed.

We put your best foot forward with Public Relations Campaigns, we ensure your communications are in every channel possible for Public Information Campaigns, and for Crisis Communications, we work on your behalf to minimize (and in some cases eliminate) threats to your  image, brand and identity. VMPR works tirelessly to protect our clients.

VM Public Relations develops and implements strategies across a custom tailored, range of communication channels and platforms to influence, enhance and increase messages delivered directly (and indirectly) to the target audiences of our clients.

Another important role VM Public Relations takes on, is to have the insight and foresight to know when issues and circumstances may detrimentally affect the public image of our clients. In these cases and when this happens, our team works immediately and directly with clients to counsel them on important decisions that must be made to manage the narrative surrounding potentially negative circumstances and their repercussions.

In addition to anticipating these outcomes, VMPR must also assist in interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues to remain ahead of the narrative, in order to successfully address and manage public perception.

Services offered through VM Public Relations include (but are not limited to):

  • Public Relations

  • Public Information Campaigns

  • Crisis Communications

  • Internal and External Communications

  • Content Creation through Articles, Advertorials and Blogs

  • Media Relations

  • Management of Public Reputation

  • Speech Writing

  • Management of Press Conferences, One-on-One Media Interviews [and other events centered around message delivery]

  • Social Media management, moderation and monitoring

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